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Corporate Culture

Corporate Philosophy
Innovation: continuous product innovation and improvement is our eternal theme
The company gathered a group of mining machinery industry's elite , set up a professional R & D team , the introduction, absorption , digestion of foreign advanced technology and processes , developed the first mine mining loaders, fill the narrow space plane no blank mechanized operations , research and development capabilities in the domestic industry with the advanced level.
Quality: excellent quality assurance is our customer loyalty rewards
High standards and strict requirements , superior quality is our quality philosophy , the company strictly in accordance with the strict requirements of the national standards from raw materials into the plant to the sales process quality control system, adhere to gain market credibility , quality and seek development , unwavering carry out and implement the " quality brand , service to enhance the brand " brand strategy .
Services: free technical support is our constant commitment to users
Customer requirements is our efforts to build , customer satisfaction is always our pursuit , the company based in Hubei, globally oriented , full selection of regional talent and resource advantages , providing customers with the best cost-effective products , long-term cooperation with customers form partners together to achieve stable and sustainable development of enterprises .
Companies adhere to the people-oriented management philosophy , to serve as the core , determined in the mining machinery industry , providing customers with all-day , all-round technical support.
The spirit of " integrity, professionalism, innovation, beyond the " spirit of enterprise , to create a professional team
Integrity , emphasizing business and customers , enterprises and employees , between the higher and lower levels of commitment to honor ; emphasizes doing things betrayal , loyalty and duty , the responsible person , in good faith to win respect for each other .
Dedication , work dedication, the courage to take on the responsibility of the difficulties pleated Rao , starting from doing their own work , dedication to the modernization of equipment mining machinery engineering contribute their strength .
Innovation , the courage to break through the inertia of thinking and conventions habits , use of new ideas, new thinking , new ways to challenge technology, products, services, management , and mechanisms for innovation in all aspects , always walk in the forefront of the industry .
Beyond, constantly forget past successes , continue to set new goals , and constantly tap their own potential , and constantly challenge the power limit ; disaffected , pioneers , enjoy beyond self, beyond the opponent in the process , the pursuit of faster, stronger , better .
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