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Product development

Hengli Heavy Industries has research stations, the establishment of a provincial enterprise technology center, Hubei Construction Machinery Reliability Engineering Laboratory, Hubei mining machinery engineering technology research center, enterprise information model for the manufacturing industry, high-tech enterprises.
Hardware construction:
Construction funds has been invested more than 3000 million, built a new product trial workshop, the expansion of the product in the test base, configure all kinds of engineering machinery key component test equipment, has a complete machine testing and test methods; equipped with a high-end 3D design software , the implementation of networked collaborative design, realization sets 3D design, kinematics analysis, finite element analysis in one of the construction machinery R & D system.
Research funding:
The last three years the cumulative investment in research and development expenses accounted for 5.3% of sales revenue.
Personnel development:
Centers existing engineering and technical personnel 59, the average age of 32 years, including 13 master's degree or above, accounting for 20.1%; high intermediate engineering and technical personnel 18 people, accounting for 42.6%; technology leaders 12 people, in the post-doctoral stations 2, all kinds of domestic and foreign well-known experts in the external sector 14.


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