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Parts and Service

- Service concept
Create value and enhance brand
- Service
Attention to detail and exceed expectations
- Pledge
1, during the warranty period, if the machine fails, after receiving customer notification, the province and the surrounding areas within 24 hours three hundred kilometers in place, the provinces (cities, districts) in place within 48 hours, 72 hours in place in remote areas (traffic inconvenience, no cell phone signal than the regions);
2, as described above can not be put in place within the specified time, Hengli Heavy commitment to their customers: over specified time every day, the customer 118 yuan compensation.
- Constant "5S" service project
A dedicated oil (Special Oil)
2, special parts (Special Parts)
3, professional services (Special Service)
4, expert training (Specialist Training)
5, and standardize management (Standard Managem)
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