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Mine Wheel Loader

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  • HL920 wheel loader type mine main technical characteristics
            Mine Loader Series is the company developed a new generation of wheel loaders , with a high lifting height , bucket capacity characteristics. Advanced performance , reasonable structure, convenient operation and maintenance for water conservancy , municipal construction , coal, sand and gravel quarry and railway stations, docks , warehouses and other industrial and mining enterprises and loose material loading shovel for short- distance transport . The machine has the following characteristics : 1. Using hydraulic mechanical transmission device which is determined by the torque converter and power shift transmission components. Engine torque converter with reasonable matching rate of the public to take advantage of the engine , increasing engine input torque , the machine has great traction. (2) using the machine articulated bending frame. Smaller turning radius , maneuvering and high flexibility , suitable for narrow space operations. 3 all-hydraulic load sensing priority valve consisting of steering gears and hydraulic load-sensing steering system, which is characterized by steering lightweight, flexible and reliable. Whether steering load size , high and low speed steering wheel , can ensure smooth steering . And the entire work process flow of the pump output to be fully utilized to avoid power loss and improve the system efficiency, save fuel and improve the operating rate . 4 hydraulic transmission, a hydraulic control work device, easy operation and flexible.

  • Parameter Parameter values
    Rated bucket capacity(m³) 0.75
    Rated load(t) 1.8
    Maximum digging force(kn) 50
    Maximum unloading height(mm) 1850
    Maximum gradeability(°) ≤30
    Minimum Unloading distance(mm) 980
    Minimum turning radius (outside)(mm) 4680
    Travel speed(km/h) 0~28
    Ground clearance(mm) 200
    Engine power(KW) 55
    Weight(kg) 5100
    Dimensions (L x W x H) 4700x2020x1450
    Note: The above parameters are for reference only, and may differ from the actual parameters.

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