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  • LWL-120/55L steep crawler mine slag machine
    ZWY-120/55L mine-specific models MA Steep special model
    Steep crawler mine slag series formerly known as vertical claw loaders, which is mainly used for railway, water diversion tunnels and construction of various mined. Company for the coal mine rock roadway, the characteristics of non-coal main alley, after several product development and product upgrade, the device can adapt to different environments, including cross 2.4x2.4m to 9x9m (W x H), the slope is less than 32 degrees of the construction site . The main features of the device: the use of electro-hydraulic control system; work organization to take on the formula used to take Pa static way, mucking resistance, through the scraper conveyor installed after the realization of the continuity of rock, Pa take a clean; while use of the work arm achieve tunnel face for risk, dig ditches and dug under a certain depth of laying flat to create conditions.

  • Parameter Parameter values
    Loading capacity(m³/h) ≈120
    Total mass(kg) 12860
    Minimum turning radius(m) 6
    Excavation width(mm) 5400
    Digging height(mm) 3200
    Digging depth(mm) 650
    Digging reach(mm) 2470
    Dump height(mm) 1760~2100
    Unloading distance(mm) 2500(Variable)
    Scraper chain speed(m/min) 34
    Walking speed(km/h) 2.1±5%
    Ground clearance(mm) ≥350(May raise)
    Rated working pressure(Mpa) 22
    Maximum swivel arm(°) ±55
    Total motor power(kw) 55
    Maximum material by size(mm) 660x570
    Adapt roadway slope(°) ≤18(32)
    Adapt to the smallest cross section roadway(m) ≥2.8x2.8
    Dimensions (length x width x height / mm) 7600x2000x2200
    Inside track width(mm) 1000(Can be widened)
    Scraper transport forms Dual-drive double-stranded / single-chain dual-drive
    Note: The above parameters are for reference only, and may differ from the actual parameters.

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